The sky is often the most captivating aspect of a landscape.  I love the drama. Clouds appear colossal, giant against the land.  Sweeping shadows over hills, or gentle, tranquil and serene, sometimes seemingly motionless.

It is my fascination with light and the way that it plays with the sky and land below that draws me to paint in order to capture what I have seen and experienced.

Sketchbook and camera in hand I explore my surroundings on bike or foot looking for moments of inspiration. I then work from my studio using the sketches, notes and photographs that I have compiled.

As well as sourcing my own inspiration much of my work is commission based and I would be happy do discuss this in further detail on point of contact.

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  • New Grafton Gallery - London
  • Riverside Gallery - London
  • The Bullpen - Oxfordshire
  • The Mall Galleries - London
  • The V&A - London